Guess which one cleaned toilets to buy an Xbox? #truestory

Once upon a time in a world school in the middle of an oil palm estate, a young boy Dzul met virtuoso Yobz (The Bassist in John Doe), and here began a friendship of six strings. The two guitarristas coincidentally proceeded to pursue their scholarly interests in engineering, chords in hand, far away in the breathtaking land of the long white cloud.

Meanwhile in the heart of a muddy confluence, a fledgeling Chris sought formal training at an academy of arts and it was not long before he began his own drumming expeditions upon the stages of Rock the World. 

Many years later by a strand of destiny, the younglings, now grown men, found each other within a river of sound, and by the sonic harmony of beats and ballads, SPT was born. Not long after, the merry band of brothers fell upon the wandering wizard Yazzer and bassfather Chip, and as the story goes, together they adventure to unravel and explore the many mysteries of cadence....
The reality of it all is, were a bunch of dudes with a common love for rock music, and SPT is the place where we bring our stories to life.

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