Super dope vibes, It's super funky ... I like that record a lot” - Clinton Sparks - DJ and Producer for Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Akon, Ludacris
I like it ... I can hear that on the soundtrack of something ... and I like the video” - Ron Stewart - Vice President, Warner Music


The invisible mind, a wanderer by design, the philosophical jester, your majesty confined. These are but words, that describe the idea of "we", of past and futures, meant to be, of darkness and light, that sets us free. 

Fundamentally, the ideology behind Shadow Puppet Theatre is symbolic of the ancient cultural heritage of shadow puppetry, which still exists today as a form of entertainment, and in certain cultures still prevail as a source of literature; stories laced with history and mythology, engraved within arts and crafts, woven to life by the hidden puppeteer. More often than not these stories are accompanied by a message, and some say the best of stories are those that ring true.

From a musical perspective, we believe in the amalgamation of story and "the feels", a quintessential element that adds a little sparkle of life into each and every musical note of the chromatic chaos weaved from our souls, a quadrilateral marriage of instrumental emotions one might say. And thus here we stand, a four piece band, songs in hand, at your command.

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