Est.2016 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

          Scrolling through the windowed world of today where hearts and thumbs reign supreme, the ever growing need for validation and instant gratification comfortably embeds itself within the minds of the young and free, a global paradigm shift one might say, forcing even the boomers to wade through a technological migration, a necessary adaptation to survive the endless waves of information in the quest for societal advancement. Welcome to the digital age.

          Hidden now are the days of Rock Hudson, superseded by the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Kim Kardashian, inspiring the modern generation one way or another, leaving the vast majority of the populace with much to be desired in many a facet of life. Let’s descend from our cyber fascinations for a moment and return to life as we know it.

        It was a moody evening, rain clouds teasing away with pockets of light sneaking onto the walkway. A thick slice of frozen butter oozed away on the heated pan, awaiting cutlets of marinated meats glazed with honey, salt and pepper. The phone buzzes with artificial life as usual. One particular IG notification stuck out, a sports illustrated American swimsuit model randomly liked 3 of our photos. Suspicious, but no surprise given the amount of social media automation services peddled online.

        Shortly after, the doorbell goes off with a ring, In comes our fret master and there goes the rest of the evening with him hammering away at his raging guitar, microphones hot, an endless cycle of hitting the record button until midnight. The next morning arrives with the expected brain-fog-need-coffee symptoms as usual. A moment of clarity appears as the caffeine hits its peak, an epiphany of words engraved within a riddle of melodies. A new challenge it seems, and with it a wisdom for those who seek. Onwards and Upwards.